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Domain Installment Plan

Terms for Domain Buyer (Written By Admin)

Namoxy offer 6 months & 12 months installment plan on the domain which are listed above $1000 USD. We are using Epik Escrow and DAN installment services.

Here we share the points how installment plan works for you:

1. Buyer make a payment once in a month until the full purchase price for the domain name is paid.

2. After first installment Namoxy/Partner team can assist you in updating the domain name servers.

3. The domain will be held by the respective partner team in their account till the payment is fully paid.

4. The commission charges of Installment plan will be borne by the buyer. 

5. In case of payment failure the partner firm will give an opportunity to make payment through a different mode within 7 days of due date. In case of failure of payment after due date the partners firm will have a right to cancel the purchase and forfiet the paid installment amount.

6. The installment payments are not refundable for the avoidance of any doubt under any circumstances.

If you are interested in buying domain on installments kindly fill in the following particulars.